Semalt Shares The Best Way To Scrape Data From A Website

Octoparse is a useful and powerful data scraping tool. It can optimize and push your data extraction efforts to the next level. Octoparse comes both in free and paid versions. With its free version, you can scrape up to five thousand web pages quickly.

Octoparse collects and scrapes data from the Internet and has more than 150,000 users worldwide. Since 2014, Octoparse is offering high-profile data extraction services and strives to make improvements wherever needed.

Data is usually available on the Internet in unstructured form. With Octoparse, you can not only scrape your data but also can organize it properly. Available information could be turned into valuable information, thanks to Octoparse for making it possible. Some of its distinctive features are mentioned below.

1. Good for non-programmers

Octoparse makes it easy for you to extract data from the internet without any programming skills. This tool is suitable for both non-coders and non-programmers and automatically extracts web content from both dynamic and basic sites. Furthermore, it allows us to save the data in a clean, structured form. With Octoparse, you can easily turn data into custom APIs and get the desired results.

2. Octoparse as a cloud service:

Octoparse is a cloud-based platform that extracts multiple web pages in an hour and gets you desired results, saving your time and energy. You don't need to worry about the hardware limitations because this tool doesn't need any maintenance and can perform its task on a regular basis.

3. Monitor prices with Octoparse:

One of the most distinctive features of Octoparse is that it helps you monitor prices and compare different products. It is suitable for shopping websites such as Amazon and eBay and gets data from your competitor's site easily. In addition, this tool scrapes real-time data with just a few clicks and saves a lot of time.

4. Generate leads:

With Octoparse, you can generate leads and build your sales list within seconds. You don't need any programming skills because Octoparse will scrape a massive amount of data automatically. It will help you promote or advertise your brand in a better way. With Octoparse, you can improve your marketing strategies and can make better decisions and predictions.

5. Good for students and teachers:

Students and teachers always need accurate data to power their research. With Octoparse, you can scrape as many web pages as possible and can obtain information from ebooks and journals easily. It will help you get meaningful and scalable data in no time.

6. Point-and-Click Interface:

Octoparse is best known for its point-and-click interface. Its advanced machine learning technology locates and scrapes data with just a few clicks. You just need to highlight the data you want to scrape or insert a website URL and let Octoparse perform its task. It will handle all the messy work behind the screen.

7. Deals with all types of websites:

Whether you have to extract data from a private blog or a dynamic website, Octoparse can deal with all types of sites easily. You can even scrape data from JavaScript, AJAX, and HTML documents and save your time and energy.